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The Home of Fire Fighting

Fire Gate Ltd is a professional and reliable company
Fire Gate imports a wide variety of products, including systems and components in the areas of Fire Fighting and Safety in Sea and on Land, as well as systems and equipment for vessels.
Our Company is committed to high quality, efficient and professional services 
We can provide Accessories, and Advanced Systems produced by leading manufacturers from all over World
In addition, we provide solutions in all areas that require Fire Fighting, Including:  Fire Water Tanks, Foam Systems, Water Mist Systems, Fire Pumps, Air  Breathing Compressors,  Fire Fighters Gears, Vehicles fire suppression Systems, Nozzles, Monitors, Hoses, and many other accessories .
We Provide Rescue Systems, Ropes and Air Conditioning Systems for Vessels
All of the above is provided with the highest professionalism and quality Customer Service

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