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Fire Gate Ltd. is a professional and reliable Israeli based company.

Fire-Gate imports a wide range of Fighting Fire & Fire safety products and equipment

The Company dedicates it efforts in providing high end and safe products, while delivering efficient, professional and quality service. 

Here you will find advanced fire systems & accessories from the leading companies in the world. We provide solutions in all areas where firefighting is required:

Everything is done in professionalism and while providing quality service to every customer.


Our Services

Fire Gate Ltd. focuses its activities in the field of firefighting and safety.

We provide many solutions from individual item to complex systems.

We represent a large number of world leading companies in the fire fighting field .

Here you will find almost all significant equipment:

Fire water reservoirs (sprinklers),

Foam Systems,

Fire Pumps,

Breathing Air Compressors,

Cannon Hoses

Vehicle Protection Systems

So basically

Why Choose Us?

Beyond the important safety issue we believe in service and reliability. Furthermore, we are professionals with years of experience in firefighting systems.


Your confidence

Your confidence that your entire information passes to you and remains only with you.

Service above all

Contact us and we are sure that from the first call there was something we could help.

Price transparency

Our prices are fair and in full transparency in front of you.

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